Vladimir Ivanovich Stepanov

— Greatings! I`m Vladimir Ivanovich Stepanov. I Head the design group of public
corporation “LOMO”, deal with industrial design. Besides the design I deal with
machine painting and graph very succssefully.

In 1968, after Graduating LVHPU by V. I. Muhina (It`s the famous Leningrad`s
“Muha”) I entered to “LOMO”. During my working I became the auther of many
projects on sound technology, microscope cinema of the equipment, telescopes
and other instruments. I have more than 100 auther`s cirtificates for industrial
models and patents.

Now I`m a member of Russian designers` Unit and renowned artist of Russian
Federation. I take part in domestic and foreign exhibitions and competitions.

Some facts:

  • since 1968 I have been working in “LOMO” as a designer
  • 1974 — the medal VDNH USSR
  • 1987 — the bronze medal VDNH USSR
  • 1999 — the winner of Russian National Prize in design “Victoria”
  • 2003 — An honourable diploma “Modulor - 2003”
  • 2004 — A diploma “The pride of ‘LOMO’” - 90 years old of optical production
  • 2007 — Renowned artist of Russian Federation